Cabinetry & Hardware

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Hood Distribution offers a line of flat pack, pre-finished cabinets for when time and quality are of the essence.

Quality construction, stylish designs, and durability should be part of every kitchen. From the simple to the elegant, you will never have to sacrifice quality for affordability. Hood Distribution will satisfy your cabinetry needs with products that offer affordable beauty with maximum function and durability.

All cabinets are special-ordered on a job-by-job basis and a one-week lead-time is typical.

Flat Pack, Pre-Finished Cabinets

Bridgewater Warm Cherry
Hampton Linen Glazed
Lenox Café Glazed
Shaker Walnut Hand Glazed
Dillon Café Glazed

Bridgewater Warm Cherry

riverrun_Bridgewater Warm Cherry

Bridgewater brings a sense of regal distinction to any kitchen.

The lustrous deep claret glow is an elegant counterpart for formal interiors as well as warm and welcoming traditional applications. Bridgewater’s handsomely detailed doors create an atmosphere of refinement for any occasion.

Bridgewater is standard construction: full overlay applied molding doors, all wood construction, five-piece drawer head, and concealed undermount drawer hardware.

Hampton Linen Glazed

riverrun-Hampton Linen Glazed

Hampton Linen Glazed graces any kitchen with elegance and casual flair.

Hampton is a soft white door with subdued detailing enhanced by a warm glaze, evoking the comfort of a French Country kitchen. Sophisticated, yet comfortable… designed to meet discerning style demands.

Hampton is standard construction: full overlay doors, all wood construction, five-piece drawer head, and concealed under-mount drawer hardware.

Lenox Café Glazed

riverrun_Lenox Café Glazed

Lenox Café Glazed kitchen has the ambiance of gracious warmth and a quiet richness.

Equally harmonious as a background for daily activities or culinary celebrations, these traditionally styled cabinets feature distinctive molding detail with a brushed glaze that highlights the appealing tones of caramel and honey.

Lenox is standard construction: full overlay doors, all wood construction, five-piece drawer head, and concealed under-mount drawer hardware.

Shaker Walnut Hand Glazed

riverrun-Shaker Walnut Hand Glazed

Classic Shaker Walnut Hand Glazed cabinetry brings the elemental lines and cultivated simplicity of this acclaimed style to every kitchen activity.

Working equally well in traditional, mission, urban – transitional or contemporary settings, this cabinet is a blend of straightforward style with a deep, lustrous walnut finish.

Shaker Walnut Hand Glazed is standard construction: full overlay doors, all wood construction, five-piece drawer head, and concealed under-mount drawer hardware.

Dillon Café Glazed

riverrun-Dillon Café Glazed

Dillon Café Glazed combines crisp, clean surface detailing with the warm tones of light cinnamon, enhancing everyday kitchen activities. Confident yet understated, these cabinets are superbly crafted and designed to fit any lifestyle.

Dillon’s value construction is based on furniture core sides, shelves and drawers.

Cabinet Hardware

Knape & Vogt Specialty Hardware


KV designs and manufactures precision, Euro-style, and utility slide systems; wall-attached shelving for commercial, home, and garage applications such as kitchen, closet, and bath storage; office and healthcare ergonomics products, and specialty hardware.

Knape & Vogt has been a rock-solid resource for industry (OEMs), cabinetmakers, contractors, and homeowners for more than a century.

Quality materials, uncompromising manufacturing standards, and intelligent engineering define our products used by millions around the world every day.

KV is in the business of motion: making products that move—and move well.


Fulterer Drawer Slides

Fulterer Drawer Slides

For over 50 years Fulterer has been a world leader in drawer slide technology. They combine design innovation, the latest technology, and fine craftsmanship to produce the highest quality drawer slides available. Fulterer designs and manufactures drawer slides for many different applications in the cabinet, residential furniture, store fixture, institutional casework, food service equipment, office furniture, and automotive industries.


The partnership between Hood Distribution and Fulterer focuses on the cabinet and fixture aspects of the product line. However, Fulterer’s entire product line is available through our special order program.


Fulterer Regular Extension Slides

fulterer regular extension slide

These bottom mount slides extend approximately 75% of their own length and carry a 75lb load capacity. The slides feature nylon rollers and a smooth epoxy coating to provide good running qualities. They are an economical choice for any furniture or kitchen cabinet application.


The FR1921 regular drawer slide is readily available in 12″ thru 24″ lengths.

Fulterer Full Extension Slides

Fulterer Full Extension Drawer Slide

These side mount slides extend 100% of their own length and carry a 100lb load capacity. These slides feature a linear ball bearing assembly for smooth travel and have an easy-to-operate disconnect finger release trigger. They are an ideal choice for medium-duty applications in office and residential furniture or kitchen cabinet applications.

Full-extension slides can also be obtained with ECD (Easy Close Device) mechanism to provide self-closing and an impact-absorbing soft-close feature.


The FR5043 & FR 5000 full extension drawer slides are readily available in 10″ thru 24″ lengths.

Fulterer Vauth-Sagel Cabinet Storage Solutions

Fulterer Drawer Slides
Fulterer Kitchen Cabinet Storage

Vauth-Sagel by Fulterer is an innovative and comprehensive line of kitchen cabinet products that bring functional harmony while utilizing the interior space most ergonomically. These items feature an attractive chrome finish and range in a wide variety of configurations from base cabinet pull-out baskets to lazy-susans to spice racks to blind corner swing-out systems to full pantry pull-out systems and everything in between.


The Vauth-Sagel line is exclusively available through special order.


Salice Slides and Hinges


Established in 1989, Salice America reflects the leadership claimed by the European parent company for over 50 years.
A complete product line of drawer slides and concealed hinges has made the company a market leader.


Salice hardware is available only through our Tucson, AZ and Greenville, SC locations.


Salice Drawer Slides

Salice Undermount Drawer Slide

The Futura 755 Undermount Drawer Slide is a full extension self-closing undermount slide. It features a 75 lb dynamic (100 lb static) load rating and a drawer height adjustment of + 3mm. Available in 12″, 15″, 18″ and 21″ lengths.

Salice Concealed Hinges

Salice Hinges

European concealed hinges are available in both one piece and two piece configurations. Door overlays and opening radiuses are available to accommodate almost any application.

Deerwood Fasteners

Deerwood Sample Kit

Deerwood Fasteners is the leading supplier of high-quality fasteners manufactured exclusively for woodworking applications.



Products include:

  • Hinge and Hardware Screws in a variety of finishes,
  • Zip Drivers (Self-Drilling, Self-Countersinking Assembly Screws),
  • Painted Head Cabinet Installation Screws,
  • Face Frame Screws,
  • Drawer Front Adjuster Screws, and much, much more.


These fasteners are available in multiple recess types with Phillips and Robertson Square being the most widely used.


Features of Deerwood Fasteners:

  • Heat Treated: Critical in ensuring that a fastener functions properly. Deerwood’s fasteners are manufactured against rigorous specifications and torque tested at the factory and again at the warehouse.
  • Deep Thread Design: Provides maximum holding power in a variety of woods and man-made materials.
  • Type-17 Cutter Point: Self-drilling point that pre-drills itself into the substrate reducing driving torque and eliminating splitting and bursting.
  • Nibs: Self-countersinking nibs are added under the screw head to carve away the material as the screw is driven in.


Deerwood 2


Deerwood Fasteners are available in each Hood Distribution facility; however, the stock offering is market-specific to the service area of each branch. Please contact your Hood Distribution sales representative for further details and availability.