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Envision Composite Decking

Envision deck with sunset


Envision Composite Decking features deep, non-repeating grains and distinct colors throughout each board, replicating the unique beauty found in nature and offering an appearance unlike anything else on the market.

Crafted using Envision’s proprietary Compress Technology™, the composite deck boards’ high-density cap and EverGrain Core™ are physically bonded together with tremendous heat and pressure to squeeze out air pockets and create the deep grain Envision is known for.

The unique combination of craftsmanship and technology that goes into Envision decking sets them apart from the rest. 

All five collections are the same dimension, allowing customers to use a single color, add accents, or mix and match to find their own truly unique style.

Envision Composite Decking is backed by a 25-year Residential Warranty and 10-year Commercial Limited Warranty.

The rich colors and bold highlights of the Distinction Collection are designed to emulate the textures and natural color variations found in exotic wood.

Softly blended hues give the Inspiration Collection the appearance of reclaimed wood aged to perfection. 

Featuring a range of striking, solid colors, the Expression Collection resembles painted wood and is an ideal option to accent any home. 

The subtle color blend and fluted profile of the Ridge Premium Collection delivers a beautiful deck with the budget-friendly nature of wood. 

Featuring timeless textures and a pronounced pattern, EverGrain is an uncapped board that captures the essence of natural wood (will typically weather to a lighter shade within the first several months of exposure to the environment).

Dark Red Meranti Decking

Red Meranti deck and siding


Dark Red Meranti, sometimes referred to as Balau, is an aesthetically pleasing lumber species commonly used for millwork, window and door applications as well as decking and related products. It’s durable, resists rot, is easy to work with, and paints and stains equally well. 

Nelson Elite decking is the first choice for any job that requires a superior finish, natural durability, and long-lasting performance.  Fine landscape architecture demands the highest quality material.  

With a rich natural beauty and legendary hardness that is not easily found in other decking materials, Nelson Elite is the natural answer for exterior decking applications.  Nelson Elite Decking is what other products try to emulate.

 Incense Cedar Decking

incense cedar deck


Incense Cedar Decking is: 

  • Beautiful: Incense Cedar’s fine uniform texture is beautiful when sawn in rough and smooth surfaces. It has excellent stain-holding properties or will turn silvery-gray if left untreated.
  • Versatile: Incense Cedar can be used as paneling, decking, or timbers – all the while making a home feel warm and inviting.
  • Durable: Resists decay and stands up to high humidity and moisture without being injected with oils or chemicals.
  • Stable: Dried to an average of 19% moisture content for a dependable and stable product. Rates high in checking, weathering, warping, and insulation values.


5/4×6 Decking Select Tight Knot

2×2 36″ balusters, 4×4 8′ posts, 2×4 8′ handrail, and 1×10 10′ fascia.

Western Red Cedar Decking

Western Red Cedar Deck


Western Red Cedar offers the advantages of natural beauty, design flexibility, exceptional dimensional stability and long term durability. Cedar has a long history of withstanding the rigors of time and weather. It is also a recognized structural material with known mechanical and physical properties. These attributes allow the design of timber structures of all types using basic engineering principles and stress- or appearance-rated grades of cedar.

Architectural Knotty

Durable, well manufactured Western Red Cedar decking that comes ready to use. This sound and tight knotted decking limits both the size and quality of characteristics to meet the highest buyer expectations. The smooth, skip-free dressing over the entire face makes it the ideal deck surface. The top choice where the natural beauty and lasting charm of a knotty deck are desired.


5/4×4 and 5/4×6    STK    Radius Edge Decking    Green

5/4×6    STK    Radius Edge Decking    Kiln Dried

Roof and Floor Decking

Pine Roof Decking

Hardwood Boards
An excellent product run from Select Structural Stock. A good choice when being used with our Douglas Fir timbers. Loft Grade.


Kiln-Dried Lodgepole/Ponderosa Pine
Select Decking. An excellent western pine product that has been the choice of many customers for over 20 years. 

Available 12′ & 16′

Surface-Dry Eastern Spruce
A good quality economical decking. Loft Grade. 

Available 12′ & 16′

Also, see Inter-State Hardwoods Packed Boards.

Ipé Decking & Accessories

ipe decking by river

Ipé is an ideal wood for a wide variety of exterior applications. It is extensively utilized in the construction of decks, docks, marinas, boardwalks, and the manufacture of outdoor furniture. 

Ipé decking and accessories are noted for their stability, strength, durability, and inherent resistance to decay, wet conditions, and insect infestation. Ipé also carries a Class A fire rating, the same rating that is given to steel and concrete. The heartwood is olive-brown to black and contrasts dramatically in color to the yellow-gray to gray-brown sapwood.

Ipé decking is commonly available in First European Quality (FEQ) and Common/Select grades. Accessories such as handrails and balusters are also readily available. 


Hidfast Hidden Fastener Decking System


Patented, Collated, Stainless Steel, Hidden Fastener Decking System.

Don’t be left out in the cold on your hands and knees, wishing for a better way… It’s here!

All other hidden deck fasteners are installed by hand, ONE piece at a time. They ALL require nails or screws to secure them, also handled ONE at a time.

HIDfast is the fastest, easiest way to get a fastener-free surface for a lasting, beautiful appearance.

Patented, worry-free stainless steel fasteners are collated for easy handling and quick loading. Patent pending pneumatic tool delivers precise, consistent, effortless installation.

  • Can install 8 boards 8 feet long in a little over 3 minutes – That can be up to 80% faster than conventional screws!
  • No visible fasteners on the surface of the decking for better appearance.
  • No surface fasteners that may pop up.
  • No surface penetrations that allow water in, causing rot, splitting & cracking.

HIDfast Air Driven Decker Tool #1000047
HF2.5 – 1/8″ spacer              (175 pcs (100 sf)/box) (4 boxes/case)
HF2.5WG – 1/4″ spacer       (175 pcs (100 sf)/box) (4 boxes/case)
HF2.75TG                               (175 pcs (100 sf)/box) (4 boxes/case)
HF3 – 1/8″ spacer                 (175 pcs (100 sf)/box) (4 boxes/case)
HF3W – 1/4″ spacer             (175 pcs (100 sf)/box) (4 boxes/case)



Ashton Lewis Yellow Pine Flooring



Since 1952, Ashton Lewis Lumber Company of North Carolina has set the standard around the world with old-world craftsmanship in appearance lumber.

Manufactured with State-of-the-art Machinery.

  • Kiln-dried to approximately 12% moisture content.
  • 8-head Weinig Moulder affords the highest level milling and appearance
  • Each individual bundle is shrink-wrapped with acclimation instructions

Superior Appearance and Strength Qualities

  • 100% Southern Yellow Pine
  • Vertical grain available on an accumulation basis
  • Pulled from export grade rough stock


  • C&Btr Kerfback: 1"×4", 1"×6", 1"×8", 1"×10"
  • #2 Select Hollowback: 1"×4", 1"×6", 1"×8"
  • C&Btr Vertical Grain: 1"×4"
  • C&Btr Edge & Center Bead (ECB): 5/8"×4"
  • C&Btr Stepping: 5/4"×10" – 5/4"×12"
  • #2&Btr Stepping: 5/4"×12"

Kiln-Dried Southern Pine

Southern Yellow Pine Floor Finished

Southern Yellow Pine flooring is readily available in several sizes and patterns in both mixed and vertical grain.


#1 Prime. Loft Grade:

  • 2″x6″x12'
  • 2″x6″x16'
  • 2″x8″x12'
  • 2″x8″x16'

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